Long Live the Motordrome (by Lydia T; photos, Scott Kucharski)

"Every mark has a story..."

If you've ever been to see the Rhett Rotten Wall of Death Motorcycle Stunt Show, you may have heard Rhett make this statement as he talks about beloved Ole 1938, the Wall of Death he has been riding in- making his living in- for nigh unto 25 years. If only these walls and her "marks" could speak! They would surely have extraordinary tales to tell of their last 25 years with Rhett, not to mention their nearly 60 years of existence prior!

The Wall of Death or, "Motordrome", is a captivating spectacle, without a doubt. Riding in it is not for the faint of heart nor weak of courage, and the art of trick riding in the Wall is a feat only the most determined riders master.

Stepping inside this functioning piece of history is like stepping back in time. You can almost feel the experiences of the past as you gaze at the worn boards and breathe in the traces of gasoline, oil, exhaust, cigarette smoke, and sweat. She displays each mark proudly, as a seasoned warrior displays his battle scars. These serve as tangible reminders of the close calls, near misses, and lessons learned; they are memoirs of the "thrills of victory" AND the "agonies of defeat".

We want to see "riding The Wall of Death" become a household term, like skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, flat track racing, etc. A sport almost forgotten to time, this is essentially the beginning of "motorcycle stunt riding". By preserving its legacy, telling its story, and training up a new generation of riders, we look to bring The Wall of Death into the forefront of mainstream culture as the extreme sporting event it truly is!

Long live the Legacy of the dream. 

Long live the Motordrome.

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  • Awesome!!! Love every word!!

    • Mik Bang